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CampusTours Announces AnyMap 5.0

Auburn, ME [June 19, 2018] CampusTours Inc. ( today announced the release of AnyMap 5.0 “Embeddable AnyMap.” AnyMap 5.0 is the latest edition of CampusTours’ popular AnyMap software ( that powers interactive maps and virtual tours for hundreds of organizations worldwide.

AnyMap 5.0 adds a variety of new capabilities to the AnyMap platform including:

  • Responsive Design – AnyMap has always supported mobile devices, but AnyMap 5.0 becomes the first AnyMap to feature a responsive design that accommodates all devices with a single interface.
  • Embeddable AnyMap – AnyMap 5.0 is known as “Embeddable AnyMap” for the ability to be presented either in a traditional “full-browser” interface or as an “embedded” element directly in client Web pages!
  • Customizable Interface – AnyMap 5.0 can be customized with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to match client Web styles.
  • Virtual Reality Support – AnyMap 5.0 allows for virtual reality (VR) in a variety of formats, from Google Cardboard/Gear VR panoramic image experiences, to VR 360-degree-videos and even Matterport™ immersive 3D explorations!
  • Always on GPS – In AnyMap 5.0 GPS is on by default, so users no longer need to do anything to activate GPS.

"The ability to embed a responsive map tool into our clients’ existing Web sites gives them greater control over the user experience," said Chris Carson, president of CampusTours Inc. "AnyMap 5.0 enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to build customized interactive map experiences and to update those presentations in real time thru a Web-based content management system."

AnyMap is a software solution used by hundreds of organizations worldwide to provide immersive interactive map experiences on computers and mobile devices. The AnyMap system allows clients to use any type of map artwork, including hand-drawn illustrations, cartoon illustrations, watercolor illustrations, two-dimensional overhead maps, three-dimensional maps, aerial photographs, photorealistic 3D rendered maps – essentially any type of custom map artwork. AnyMap supports videos, photos, panoramic images, virtual reality experiences, customized graphical layers, and much more. For more information about AnyMap 5.0 or to arrange an online demonstration, please visit

About CampusTours Inc.

CampusTours Inc. is an interactive media and software company specializing in meeting the marketing, Web and multimedia needs of academic, non-profit and government organizations. CampusTours specializes in developing virtual tours, video tours, and interactive maps that entice visitors and facilitate direct and meaningful contacts with audiences. CampusTours Inc. is the owner and operator of, the Internet's virtual college tour directory,, the Internet’s university campus map directory, and, the affordable solution for online guided walking tours.

CampusTours Inc. is based in Maine. For more information, visit or call 207.753.0136.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: CampusTours Inc. 207.753.0136

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