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Stunning 3D Map Design

CampusTours designs Photorealistic and 3D Vector map artwork is so vivid that your visitors and alumni will be taken aback at the richness and detail. CampusTours signature Photorealistic maps are in use at organizations ranging from the United States Capitol to Villanova University to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Photorealistic Map Design

When your campus is your brand, there is no other option - CampusTours photorealistic maps are unmatched in detail and clarity.

3D Vector Map Design

3D Vector Maps provide a cleaner, simpler view of your location without the Photorealistic Map detail.

Features and Benefits

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from custom Photorealistic or 3D Vector map artwork.

  • Available for use online, in print and in large format advertising and signage
  • Online uses include Web sites, mobile maps and kiosks
  • Map legends available for print implementations
  • May be reused for different audiences in multiple publications
  • Provides the 'first glimpse' of campus so crucial to the immediate organizational impression
  • May be used for parking, maintenance, and future campus expansion planning
  • Versions of map may be created for first responders and campus police
  • Easily add buildings/locations in the future
  • Offer the map for sale in your bookstore
  • View customized examples in the CampusTours Blog

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3D Photorealistic Map Examples

3D Candied Photorealistic Map Examples

Satellite Map Examples

3D Vector Map Examples

Aerial Photo Map Examples

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