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Interactive Map Software for Any Map

CampusTours AnyMap is a cutting edge interactive map platform that works with ANY type of map graphic - even aerial photographs - and also features satellite map integration, directions and guided tour features.

Use Your Own Maps

Maps of any style, from watercolor maps to aerial photographs, may be inserted into the CampusTours AnyMap platform.

Wayfinding Included

Provide visitors directions to your location and even directions between locations on campus!

Guided Video Tours

Video tours provide the most compelling and comprehensive approach to conveying your institutional character.

Responsive and Mobile Ready

All of our products are platform-agnostic creating a seamless experience from desktops to mobile phones.

Virtual Reality Capable

Virtual reality scenes immerse visitors in your locations, creating an enveloping experience of sight and sound.

Geo-Location (GPS) Equipped

Our products let mobile viewers know when things of interest are nearby based on their GPS coordinates.

AnyMap Examples

Satellite Maps

Aerial Photo Maps

3D Vector Maps

3D Candied Photorealistic Maps

3D Photorealistic Maps

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