CampusTours Project Details
  • Content managed virtual tour platform
    Allows PHCC to add and remove tour guides, topical presentations, student diaries and campus map information, and to integrate video, narration, music, panoramas, text, links and animated still photographs into any section of the presentation.
  • Unified style virtual tour
    Allows PHCC to create and modify several styles of virtual tour, including guided presentations, topical presentations, map-based presentations and student focused blog/diary presentations.
  • Tour relationship building capability
    Gives PHCC a powerful tool to interrelate various portions of the presentation for more efficient user navigation. Tour relationship building capability means that from within Jeremy's guided tour visitors can easily jump off to learn more about the motorsports program he is pursuing, even though the motorsports topic is in an entirely different section of the presentation.
  • Dynamic Navigation
    Provides PHCC the freedom to create subsections within the main tour sections in the future, and even replace, eliminate or create new major tour sections, with the navigation dynamically resizing to accommodate changes.
  • Sectional Features
    Allows PHCC to feature different content from inside a section on the front page of that section, highlighting individual guides, topics, locations or diary entries.
  • Accessibility Tags
    Accessibility tags within the content management system allow for precise tagging of all tour graphical items and content, for compliance with ADA and Section 508.
  • Dynamic Branding Bar
    Gives PHCC freedom to change the tour branding in lockstep with institutional identity updates. New logos, and taglines can be inserted at any time to keep the tour consistent with new branding initiatives.
  • Content Managed Calls To Action
    Allows PHCC to control persistent calls to action, the icons and text that represent them, the locations to which they link and the creation of new calls to action.
  • Burn To CD-ROM
    Burn to CD-ROM capability permits PHCC to burn the entire presentation (or variations on the presentation) to cross-platform CD-ROM or create a cross-platform ISO disk image for large runs of CDs.