View new HTML5 virtual tours and 3D photo-realistic campus maps created by CampusTours

2013 Update: CampusTours releases AnyMap 3.0, a fully content-managed HTML5 AnyMap System - see a plethora of AnyMap Examples.

CampusTours Project Details

  • Photo-Realistic 3D Map of Pepperdine University Malibu Campus
    Pepperdine University's interactive map features a new photo-realistic campus map drawn by CampusTours cartographers that depicts trees, shrubs, people and locations with stunning clarity. CampusTours artists rendered the entire Pepperdine campus using three dimensional software and then painstakingly applied accurate textures and colorations to produce this ground breaking campus map. According to CampusTours visitor surveys, photorealistic maps are considered the best campus maps available today.

  • AnyMap 2.0
    CampusTours new AnyMap 2.0 heralds a new age in interactive maps, supporting full browser display, mobile devices, improved data handling, dynamic window resizing, active state URLs for bookmarking, and much more. With AnyMap 2.0, institutions can have a brand new interactive map launched in under thirty days.

  • Mobile Device Capability
    The Pepperdine University Interactive Map is based on the new CampusTours AnyMap 2.0 System Mobile Device Module, which supports both iOS and Android mobile devices, without the need for an app download. CampusTours focus-group testing has indicated that students visit college .edu Web sites with their mobile devices, and they are frustrated when elements of the sites do not work on their phones, tablets and other Internet-enabled devices. Furthermore, more than 90% of students in focus groups agreed that they do not go to the AppStore or Market to research college-specific apps until they have substantially narrowed their list of schools. In this environment, it is vital for schools to have a capable HTML5/JavaScript solution that presents a compelling and GPS-enabled alternative interactive map for visitors. The AnyMap Mobile Device Module supports mobile devices of any size, maximizing the viewable area of your map on larger screens and tablets. AnyMap Mobile also includes GPS-based prompts that alert visitors to additional content when they wander close to particular buildings.

  • Full Browser Display
    With screen sizes proliferating, CampusTours has built an adaptable interface onto AnyMap that works well on both smaller and larger screen resolutions. This allows visitors with larger monitors and better graphics cards to see a much larger view of campus, while visitors on smaller monitors and less capable graphics cards still receive an optimized presentation.

  • Content managed interactive map
    A cornerstone of all CampusTours products is the ability for institutions to make content changes quickly and easily, without recurring charges. Pepperdine may add or update this presentation at any time with the CampusTours MultiMedia Engine software.

  • Active State URLs
    As visitors move through the map, clicking on items, AnyMap 2.0 actively updates the URL, giving visitors the ability to press the forward and back button in the browser, and to use the Favorites or Bookmarks feature.