CampusTours Project Details
  • InteractiveVideo Technology
    Using CampusTours content-managed InteractiveVideo technology, Berklee's videos contain cue points or teasers that lend additional explanation to themes discussed in the videos. CampusTours' extensive student testing of college videos has revealed that prospective students tend to tune out and close videos longer than three minutes in length. Breaking videos into shorter thematic chapters and then integrating InteractiveVideo cue points into the videos allows schools to add depth and granularity to their presentations, without burdening those that are not interested in particular topics. This approach to video allows viewers to self-select the content most interesting and pertinent to them, and, just as importantly, to allow content that is not to glide past unwatched.
  • Content managed virtual tours
    Short thematic virtual tours allow Berklee to develop presentations aimed at different prospective student constituencies or different aspects of the Berklee experience. These short videos give the institution flexibility in the future to add new tour sections devoted to particular programs, aspects of campus life, or even foreign-language speaking tours for students and parents whose primary language is not English. Finally, because all of the virtual tour videos include content-managed InteractiveVideo, Berklee may insert Interactive Teasers at any point in the future to give extra emphasis to any topic mentioned in the video.
  • Deep Linking
    Deep linking to the tour or map in any state gives Berklee the capability to provide specific experiences to particular visitor groups.
  • Accessibility Tags
    Accessibility tags within the content management system allow for precise tagging of all tour graphical items and content, for compliance with ADA and Section 508.
  • Dynamic Branding Bar
    Gives Berklee freedom to change the tour branding in lockstep with institutional identity updates. New logos and taglines can be inserted at any time to keep the tour consistent with new branding initiatives.
  • Content Managed Calls To Action
    Allows Berklee to control persistent calls to action, the icons and text that represent them, the locations to which they link and the creation of new calls to action.
  • Independent Media Player
    The CampusTours Independent Media Player gives institutions like Berklee an opportunity to reuse their wealth of tour content outside the tour interface. Using the MultiMedia Engine content management system, Berklee can assemble and publish infinite numbers of unique collections of videos, photos, slideshows, musical performances and much more.
  • Burn To CD-ROM
    Burn to CD-ROM capability permits Berklee to burn the entire presentation to cross-platform CD-ROM or create a cross-platform ISO disk image for large runs of CDs.